Correze whitening treatment mask
Correze whitening treatment mask Correze whitening treatment mask Correze whitening treatment mask Correze whitening treatment mask
Correze whitening treatment mask

Whitening & wrinkle improvement dual functional cosmetics

Whitening & wrinkle improvement dual functional cosmetics
Light skin / Wrinkle / Improved elasticity
Achieve a bright skin
Skin whitening and moisturizing ingredients, such as niacinamide, ceramide 3, manganese bark extract, and matsutake mushroom extract, lighten rough skin and moisturize dry skin to keep skin moist.
It has excellent adhesion without peeling on the skin and contains a bottle of ampoule to maintain a healthy skin by applying moisturizing and nutrition.
Efficacy, Effect - Helps to whiten skin / Helps to improve skin's wrinkles
- Niacinamide is effective for nutrition, prevention of skin aging, improvement of trouble, cell regeneration, whitening.
It has various effects, but it is excellent as a whitening ingredient.
It is most effective in improving skin pigmentation.
- Helps the cells involved in the health of the skin, It strengthens the cell proliferation in the dermis layer and protects skin elasticity.
Promotes the synthesis of collagen that prevents wrinkles,
It strengthens the skin cells' self-vitality and improves wrinkles.
Linteus Extract
- Helps to inhibit and eliminate the growth of harmful external substances
- Helps prevent skin oxidation by protecting against free radicals (active oxygen) which is the cause of skin aging
- Gives wrinkled skin elasticity
- Improved skin immunity
- Moisturizing effect by helping to maintain moisture in skin
- Smoothes and softens skin texture and helps to manage lively and vital skin
Hyaluronic Acid
-- Moisturizes the skin by absorbing external moisture
- Helps moisturizing the skin by forming a moisturizing film that fixes moisture
- Absorption of water molecules by attracting them to the skin
- Moisture & nutrition by preventing the increase of moisture between skin
Ceramide 3
-Gives hair shine, shine and elasticity, protects damaged hair and helps prevent damage from progressing.
-It plays a key role in strengthening the lipid barrier of the skin and forming the skin barrier against the external environment.
-By strengthening the skin barrier, it improves moisture retention and helps to keep moisture on dry skin for a long time.
-Suppresses and stores moisture evaporation, which enhances skin's soft and moist feel.
[Capacity] 25ml X 5 sheets