Correze magic cushion
Correze magic cushion Correze magic cushion Correze magic cushion Correze magic cushion
Correze magic cushion

Triple Functional Magic Cushion

Magic cushion that complex fermented water keeps the moisture of skin from coming out and expresses it with moist and shiny skin
Marine Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid Provide intense volume makeup and makeup doesn't cake up even when applied multiple times
Moisturizing, natural coverage, and skin tone at the same time
It gently adheres to the skin, effectively covering skin imperfections and dullness, producing a radiant and radiant skin without stickiness and darkening for a long time.
Helps skin whitening
Contains niacinamide to help skin whiten, brightens dark, dull skin Helps improve skin's wrinkles
Helps improve skin's wrinkles
Adenosine-containing anti-wrinkle agent helps skin with rough skin
UV protection and skin protection
SPF50 +, and PA +++ protect your skin from UV rays easily exposed in everyday life. Apply in the afternoon whenever you need sun block.
Long-lasting moist and brilliant production
Moisturizing shine and natural skin light makes the skin tone longer
It gently adheres to your skin, giving it a radiant, bright and bright appearance. It has natural coverage and long lasting finish.
Isoamyl p-Methoxycinnamate
-Protects skin by blocking ultraviolet B (UVB)
- Niacinamide is effective for nutrition, prevention of skin aging, improvement of trouble, cell regeneration, whitening.
It has various effects, but it is excellent as a whitening ingredient.

It is most effective in improving skin pigmentation.
- Helps the cells involved in the health of the skin, It strengthens the cell proliferation in the dermis layer and protects skin elasticity.
Promotes the synthesis of collagen that prevents wrinkles, It strengthens the skin cells' self-vitality and improves wrinkles.
Sodium Hyaluronate
-Provides moisture to skin with powerful moisturizing power that supplies moisture to skin.
Lactobacillus/Soybean Ferment Extract
-- Moisturizes your skin to prevent dryness.
- Conditioning effect brings vitality to skin.
- Improves skin's immunity.
Saccharomyces/Viscum Album (Mistletoe) Ferment Extract
- Helps prevent skin dryness by keeping skin moisturized.
- Helps relieve irritation involved and sensitive skin to protect the skin from harmful substances in the outside.
Saccharomyces/Imperata Cylindrica Root Ferment Extract
- Provides moisture and conditioning to the skin, helping to maintain a moist and energized skin.
- It contributes to the improvement of the skin immunity and helps healthy skin care
[Capacity] 15g