Field of Business
Cosmetic Manufacturing, Selling
Production and selling of products researched and developed by the nation's best research centers and universities
Cosmetics OEM/ODM Development
With 25 years of cosmetics experience, we manage the whole process from product development, design, marketing, promotion, education, production, and even sales.
Without even visiting Korea, we deliver products that meet customers expectations at a reasonable price within reasonable time through the complicated and difficult processes of product concept, design, sample works, product evaluations, A/S, education, marketing, promotion, business plans, and more.

Complete standard business agreement Implement escrow Wondercos B/M Investment Implement A/S

  • Idea step
    1. Idea Brainstorming and improvement
    1) Market Research
    2) Analyze Competitors
    3) Cost Research
    4) Understand customers' needs
    5) Differentiation
    2. Concept Decision
  • Commercialization decision
    Improve product necessity,Set price
  • Commercialization step
    1. Prodcut opportunity
    1) Prescription and design development
    2) Product evaluations
    3) Estimate and calculate original costs
    4) Order and receive raw/subsidiary materials
    2. Test marketing
    3. Production
  • Launch
    1. Product launch
    2. Marketing, promotion
    3. Business plan
    4. Education
Cosmetics OEM/ODM Process
  • Customer

  • Consultation for product to be developed

  • Product

  • Nondisclosure Agreement

  • Sample Test

  • Consignment

  • Production

  • Estimate

  • Product